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approach the issue of poor performance

Congratulations! You have just been promoted to the senior executive level. That is the good news. The bad news is that your new assignment is to head one of the hospitals in the corporation that is known as a place where hospital employees, of all disciplines and levels, go to spend some easy years before retirement.

Unfortunately, such a premature retiring attitude has resulted in many poor performance indicators at your new hospital.

How do you propose to identify the many problems that exist?

How do you propose to approach the resolution of these problems, as well as preventing the development of yet more problems resulting from attempting to deal with the original problems? What steps can you take to avoid the unpleasant scene of being hanged in effigy?

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To approach the issue of poor performance, a set of standards must first be developed, so that performance in key areas can be accurately measured. To identify exactly where the problems exist, I can conduct surveys of hospitals of similar size, capacity and capabilities, to gather data on how efficient processes work and what they look like. This is a form of benchmarking, where an organization measures its performance to that of organizations that are known to perform well. Benchmarking is a process of measuring against top performers in a variety of dimensions, such as productivity, quality, cost, and efficiency (Business Performance Improvement Resource, 2011). It will allow the executive to identify the most concerning issues of employee performance and develop a plan that addresses those issues. In addition to ...

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