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Intel's HR policies, culture, strategic implementation

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In order to implement a strategic choice, organizations use structures, policies, HR policies, culture. Let us revisit Intel and analyze how Intel implements the strategies it currently pursues.

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Implementation of Strategies at Intel

Intel is the world's most prominent creator of integrated circuit chips and it operates all around the world. Despite of its worldwide operations and customers it also confronts stiff competition from companies like Advanced Micro Devices, Motorola and Texas Instruments (About Intel, 2009). For dealing with this competition Intel had adopted a number of strategies in which one of the prominent strategies is of strategy of e-business. From the time Intel adopted this strategy its focus is on the needs of customers as well as it had adopted an strategy of making an appropriate fit between its e-business initiative and its subsisting business operations, rather than postulating far-flung organizational change.

For effectively dealing with competition, in the year 1998, Intel set up a self-service extranet recognized as E-Business Program that focused on ...

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This solution of 536 words provides an analysis of Intel's HR policies and touches on company background, specific organizational changes throughout the years, and the current organizational strategies. References used are included.

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