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    Intel Strategies

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    Read the following articles about Intel, as well as conduct additional research.

    Identify new mission, vision, goals, and objectives

    Identify strategic choices

    Identify organization design, strategic controls, as well as culture that Mr. Otellini uses to implement strategies?

    Evaluate whether there is a fit between new mission/strategies/ and implementation!

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    // Writing about the business's vision, mission, goals and strategic choices requires to have an understanding concerning the business and its scope. We should also know about the technologies in the organization to understand the strategies, clearly. So, firstly, business is discussed under the heading of Intel Corporation.\

    Intel Corporation

    Intel creates an amazing increase in technology every day. Intel, the world leader in silicon innovation, develops technologies, products, and initiatives to continually advance how the people work and live. The company follows the principles for responsible business and the corporate code of conduct.

    Intel's strategies:

    At every step of the value chain, many ways are introduced to increase the demand. Intel has recognized the fact that the requirement of computers would increase with the high usage of software by the people. Consequently, many strategies have been set by the company to create values in this chain. At first, the company has formed a setup for Intel capital to invest companies in the value chain. Secondly, in order to improve the performance of the Intel chip, the company pays the independent software vendors to write the software. The company has associated itself with Microsoft in order to develop some operating systems for their processors. The company has formed some special groups who are associated with some famous application providers, in order to test their chips (Corporate Strategy Analyses: Intel Corporation 1968-2003).

    New technologies

    The new Virtualization Technology (Intel VT) of Intel could improve the Converged Application Platforms (CAP) by generating a safe, reliable, and consolidated environment for hosting the voice, data, and video services, all together in just ...

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