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    Global management

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    The attached article shows how global corporations have to think differently in how they approach their business. For example, Intel has 10 ethnographers traveling the globe to redesign existing products or invent new ones that appeal to different cultures or demographic groups. Ilkone Mobile Telecommunications has designed a mobile phone specificaly for Muslims that comes loaded with the Koran, has a compass you can use to point to Mecca and alarms that alert people at prayer time.

    What specific steps can a CEO, take to create the kind of culture and organization within their company that fosters this type of out of the box globalized strategic thinking?

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    1. He should encourage and reward creativity and innovative ideas.
    2. He should change organizational values so that it encourages new strategies.
    3. New mental frameworks and leadership styles should be encouraged.
    4. He should identify those managers who have shown initiative in innovation and using creative strategies and honor them. In short he should create new heroes on the basis of creativity and useful innovation.
    5. Beliefs and assumptions which promote in box thinking should be discouraged and if needed penalized.
    6. Organizational taboos, rites and rituals, which prevent lateral thinking and strategy formation should be discouraged actively.
    7. Corporate dress style and logo should be changed to reflect new thoughts and innovative ...