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    Use delegation to manage factors and functions listed

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    Using Microsoft Corporation explain how managers can use delegation to manage the different factors and functions listed:


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    Use of Delegation by the Managers of Microsoft Corporation in Managing Internal/External Factors


    One of the most important requirements for the success of an organization is effective management. All functions of an organization's management are significantly affected by different internal and external factors that can direct it toward success and failure but if delegated effectively will surely result in success (Drucker, 2008). All internal and external factors make a significant impact on organization's decision-makers but if they are able to delegate effectively can attain the desired objectives. Delegation is a process through which managers can transfer some part of their power to their subordinates, for the efficient and well-timed execution of definite tasks and responsibilities (Delegation, 1997).

    Use of Delegation by Microsoft's Managers

    The use of delegation in managing internal and external factors can be understood with the help of an example of Microsoft Corporation. The company's managers make effective use of delegation to manage subsequent factors:


    Microsoft is an exclusive example of business and it manages all its business processes with the help of the four functions of ...

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    The expert uses delegation to manage factors and functions listed.