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    Functions of Management

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    I need help explaining how each one of the following factors impact the four functions of management at WorldCom. In your explanation include specific examples of these impacts:

    1) Globalization
    2) Technology
    3) Innovation
    4) Diversity
    5) Ethics

    Also, explain how managers can use delegation to manage the impact that these factors have on the four functions of management.

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    Dear Student,
    Below is a sample response for this problem of yours. I centered on the management dysfunctionality that happened to WorldCom to show how the functions of management could have averted disaster. Adopt it as you will. Visit the references on the web and try to see if you can get your hands on the copy of the Time Magazine I referred to, it is the latest release. good Luck!

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    Globalization, Technology & WorldCom

    WorldCom's early growth as a small long distance telephone company in the Mississippi area to one of the World's biggest players in the telecom's industry was remarkable. And so was its eventual and abrupt fall. One can easily say that perhaps the neglect of key management functions led to the downfall of one of America's most promising companies, especially since it has acquired much stock and control over some of the world's primary communications companies. When WorldCom fell in 2002 it eclipsed Enron's fall. At a net worth of $107 Billon at the company's height with about 85,000 employees worldwide.

    Subsequent investigations of the company showed that ethics, planning & the 'fraternization' system were key problematic factors that led to corruption at the top, especially within the former CEO Bernie Ebber's circle. Ebbers, the cowboy-boots wearing CEO was as informal as you can get: he built the foundations of WorldCom through his small investment on LDDS, a long distance telephone business he started in 1983 in Jacksonville Mississippi on the ideas of entrepreneurship and regional competitiveness allowing for the end of AT&T's monopoly on American Telecommunications - a triumph of the 80's & the 90's. Telecoms technology was the main drive of WorldCom, bringing the latest in both analog and digital to the American Home and they did this by acquiring companies in-country and globally. He bought MCI in 1998 for $37 billion, the second biggest long distance provider behind AT&T in the US. In 1999 in sough to take over competitor Sprint with a $129 billion bid that regulators blocked. At its height, the technology behemoth that WorldCom has become described its global services as such:

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    Using the former corporate Telecoms Giant WorldCom as a unique case study, the essay looks at the way the four functions of management were applied (or in WorldCom's case, misused) in the way it was managed while at the same time analysing the impacts of technology, globalization, innovation, diversity & ethics in the way the organization was run. The solution also looks at the idea of managerial delegation as impacted by said concepts especially in the manner by which delegation was practiced as influenced by the four functions of managament.