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Description of Four Functions of Management - Delta Airlines

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Discuss how external and internal factors affect management's four functions.

* The organization must be Delta Airlines.

1) Discuss how the factors below impact management's four function and include examples:

a) Globalization
b) Technology

2. Discuss how managers can manage the impact these factors have on management's four functions through the use of delegation.

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Let us first see how globalization affects the four traditional functions of management, ie, Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling.

Every business or industry is being affected by the advent of globalization in one way or the other in the sense that globalization has increased competition by opening the doors for companies located in different nations of the world to compete with each other, as well as made the consumers much more informed, demanding and educated. Thus, today's planning function need to incorporate strategies to encounter the impact of increased competition from global companies as well as focus on achieving best possible customer satisfaction. One cannot isolate global trends and issues while formulating plans.

Similarly, organizing function needs to coordinate resources on a global basis in today's organizations as globalization has resulted in global forays and establishment of operations in different nations around the world. More and more companies are conducting business in offshore locations, either to reduce costs of operations via offshoring or expand their business in new markets. Thus, today's organizing function is much more complex as compared to previous times due to expansion in global marketplace.

Today's leaders have to direct and guide the behavior of subordinates who may be from different cultures, background and countries. Thus, leaders need to understand the different cultural sensitivity issues associated with people from different cultures and exercise their leadership skills accordingly.

Last, Controlling has also gained much more importance due to globalization in the sense that ...

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