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    Merging organizational cultures

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    What have been some of the issues associated with combining/merging the organizational cultures of Delta Air Lines and Northwest Air Lines? Your answer should also include information about assumptions, artifacts, and values and contain references to sources.

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    Organizational culture is defined as the set of values, attitude, beliefs and ethics that is being communicated to employees and stakeholders in order to maintain a defined and systematic environment. The culture possessed by any organization is different from one another. In context to this, there can be clashes or conflicts within the organization when the merging of cultures occurs. In this context, in the following section, we will describe the merging of two different cultures of Delta Airlines and Northwest Airlines in terms of differences in values and assumptions of the organizational superiors.

    Organizational culture is an important factor that must be considered by firms before deciding to go for mergers. Organizational culture is different for different firms as the way employees and customers are treated, ethical and moral values altogether are followed differently by ...

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