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    Impact of Innovation on Organizations

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    Select at least three different types of organizations.
    This means select three different organization's which represent the three organizational types are:
    - Manufacturing
    - Government
    - Non-profit
    - Societal-NGO
    - Service

    Do not address the organizational structures in this paper.

    - Prepare paper in which you evaluate the impact of innovation on your selected organizations.
    - Discuss the impact on strategy, process, product, or services within each type of organization.
    - Include an introduction and a conclusion.
    - Format your paper according to APA standards.

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    In order to transform, reinvent, modify the services and products are per the demand of the customers, organizations uses innovation. Innovation in the organization leads changes, which ultimately affect the strategy, products, services and process of the organizations. Change and innovation are also essential to manage the competitive advantage and cope up with the highly changing technologies (Stamm, 2003). By means of the following paper, I am going to discuss the various parameters that are associated with the impact of innovation on the three business organizations, which are as follow:

    ➢ American Family Life Assurance Company (A Services Organization)
    ➢ Microsoft Corporation (A Manufacturing Firm)
    ➢ Mayo Clinic (A Non-profit Organization)
    This paper will concentrate impact of innovation on the products, services, process and strategies of these three organizations.

    Impact of Innovation on Strategy, Process, Product or Services

    American Family Life Assurance Company

    American Family Life Assurance Company (AFLAC) is a well recognized insurance company of United States of America (AFLAC, 2008). The strategy, process and services of the company are highly impacted by the innovation and changes. As the technology has become changes and the world has become high tech by using internet and wireless solutions, AFLAC has changed its strategy in March 2008 by launching an ongoing campaign of ads (B2B Magazine, 2008).

    The main aim of this ad was to target the decision makers and HR personnel of all size companies like, hospitality, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, etc. and communicates them about the services and products of the organization, with the help of wireless and internet technologies (B2B Magazine, 2008). The company has applied their strategy at the global level and serving to Japanese companies with its two-third business services. ...

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