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Impact of Innovation on Strategy, Process & the Product/Service

Select at least three different types of organizations and write a response in which you evaluate the impact of innovation on the selected organizations. Be sure to discuss the impact on strategy, process, product, and/or services within each type of organization.

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Before we start writing about the impact of innovation in organizations, we will first define what innovation is and how it is important in an organization. Innovation refers to the new way of doing something. It is an inevitable part of an organization and it can not be avoided because in this ever changing and competitive world of business, changes are necessary. In organizations, innovation refers to the creation of new or improved processes, products and services. Innovation helps the companies to fight the competition and bring about an improvement in the image and profitability of the business. For the purpose of describing the impact of innovation on organizations and their products/services, strategy and processes, we have selected three organizations; Southwest Airlines, Motorola and IBM. Below is the impact of innovation on Southwest Airlines under the heading of Innovation at Southwest Airlines, for example:

Innovation at Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines entered the Airline Industry in 1971 with a little money, but lot of fame. Southwest provides low fares, frequent flights, on time arrivals and top safety records. Innovation is the key strategy that helps the company to take the benefit of opportunities. In the recent years, it has equipped with new planes and employing the aviation technology to get better take off performance, decreasing the overheads on maintenance and there are savings of about 3% due to fuel burn. Tickets less travel, use of the internet, booking & tracking trips through the website are the other innovative policies that ease the business operation of the company (Analysis of Strategic Structure of Southwest Airlines)

Moreover, Southwest's innovation has developed strategy to offer low fares by streamlining its operations. For example, it only flies one type of aircraft, Boeing 737s, which have all been ...

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The response investigates the integration of innovation into strategy, processes and the actual product or service in Southwest Airlines, Motorola and IBM. 1120 words with 4 references.