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Creating an Innovation for Management Practice

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I am trying to identify a new innovation for management practice for my company. I work for a Distribution Center selling farm supplies to pet food. Can anyone help me with this?

Describe the problem that will be solved, or the opportunity that will be realized, through the innovation you will be developing in this class.

I need to show the importance of the innovation to assure success for me personally and for the organization.

Hypothesize the impact on the organization's results that your innovation will have.

I need to describe the innovation management practice, and explain how the innovation you will be developing will help meet customer needs, create customer value, and impact your organization's results.

Describe the process you might use to implement the innovation in your organization.

Identify how you will measure the impact your innovation makes on customers and/or on your organization.

Reflect on the types of learning you might have obtained from the process of developing an innovation.

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In the pursuit for being successful, the goal of innovation management is providing a core discipline practice for managing processes with a strategic concept. In doing so, the management team is able to solidify their core mission and vision accordingly through leadership and through employees that are motivated.

Let's take a look on how to effectively approach implementing innovation management strategy within the chosen industry of selling farm supplies and pet food.

-Describe the problem that will be solved, or the opportunity that will be realized, through the innovation you will be developing in this class. I need to show the importance of the innovation to assuring success for me personally and for the organization.

With the sample organization of a distribution center selling farm supplies to pet food, the problem could relate towards customer quality standards not being met. In recent months, the customer complaints and feedback indicate that quality is not meeting up to the actual product price to continue purchase. Therefore, the innovation management will focus on the pulled data from customers' satisfactory metrics by identifying the organization internal components; culture, environment, strategy in procedural processes. Identifying the organization culture and environment provides the insight on how employees will react when changes are implemented in processes to improve output of quality standards.

Furthermore, the strategy in procedural processes relates towards the means for identifying the work teams that are not working up to par. Innovation management is in the measure of organizational levels relating to individuals (personal) and team-level assessments, and leadership strategic approach. Thus, the identification of problem areas in each department failing to produce the farm supplies or pet food to standards are in need of an innovation management approach. Measurement in the farm supplies or pet departments on missed opportunities on quality tests assessments provides analysis in determining the type of applied innovation management strategy.

In the scenario, the current issue is quality not meeting standards that customers are reducing their purchases of the product. Thus, the innovation management is utilizing the pulled data from the customer ...

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The innovation for management practices to enforcing important protocols to increasing customer demand and brand identity.

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