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    Managing Change in a Diverse Workforce

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    As a manager you will be asked to lead change efforts in your organization. Change management intensifies the need to understand a range of factors, especially diversity of people which takes into account But a global economy a range of interests--not just plans but also environment as well as world views. Knowing important aspects of change and having an inclusive stance will support your staff while empowering you as a leader.

    Critical Questions : Given that almost 70% of change strategies fail to meet goals, what should be done to improve change planning, especially when working with a more diverse range of people and views? As a manager how can you deal with different ideas, especially during the tension that change often brings?

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    Management practices in a more modern society emphasizes the importance of group dynamics rather than individual achievement. Organizations that function with teams have a common goal and work together as well as individually to achieve their goals. Unfortunately, when an organization does not meet productivity goals because of different ideas and tensions that arise the team must re-examine its best practices and team approach.When new management has the task of restructuring a struggling company, the effective method would be to observe each department or team dynamic for opportunities of improvement. According to a researcher named Peter Northouse, the exemplary form of team leadership originates from the idea that a leader will monitor a team's functionality then take the appropriate action to ensure an operational team. (Northouse, 2009). Operative team performance starts when the leader has a the capacity to understand a situation, and therefore able to confront problematic circumstances within the team (Northouse, 2009). This team approach can also ...

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    Managers lead change an innovation in organizations. The process of change has it's challenges when dealing with diverse individuals with differences in ideas and perspectives. Research has shown various methods of implementing change within organizations while effectively dealing with team dynamics and still manage to achieve the company's goals.