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    Microsoft's Organizational Structure and Principles

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    Please describe the following parts of the Microsoft Corporation.

    b. Corporate culture & management of Microsoft
    1) Mission statement
    2) Organizational structure
    3) Decision-making strategies

    Please reference yor source or sources.

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    Microsoft is one of the world's largest technology companies. From their early history of an independent version of the Windows operating system to new and innovative software applications, it is safe to say that the Redmond, Washington based company remains one of the most well-known companies globally. With over $61 billion in revenue and the world's most recognized operating system, the small entrepreneurial venture founded in 1975 has grown to become the epitome of a growth oriented company.

    The company itself is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of ten individuals from outside the company. Because of its numerous divisions and global interests, Microsoft has a relatively complex managerial structure. Of course, everyone is aware of founder Bill Gates' role in the company, and until recently he was active in management, now preferring to delegate his time to social and human rights issues. The Board of Directors supervises five committees: the Audit Committee, Compensation Committee, Finance Committee, Governance and Nominating Committee and the Antitrust Compliance Committee. There is a Global Executive Management Team, 16 individuals around the world, internally; Microsoft has a Chairman, CEO, CSA, and CRSO as their top team, and then each significant unit its own managerial structure. A detailed, but not 2009 current, organizational chart can be found at: ...

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    This solution details Microsoft's organizational structure and underlying beliefs, principles and practices. It gives a view of what Microsoft is like inside the organization and what it may be like to work there. The text contains 837 words and multiple references.