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    Key elements of Microsoft's marketing for the Xbox

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    Provide explanation of what the main aspects of Microsoft's marketing for the Xbox 360 are.

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    By launching the game console Xbox, Microsoft did not only introduce a new product but stepped into a totally new market where there company did not have any experience yet. Although they had a huge marketing budget, they focused on spending it as effective as possible. Therefore Microsoft's marketing team had to find out, who their target customers are and with what marketing strategy they could reach their challenging goal to become leader in the game console market.

    The Marketing concept consists of three principles that hold that achieving organizational objectives require determining needs and wants of targets markets and delivering the desired satisfactions more effectively and efficiently than competitors do (Hoffman et al 2003, pp.10-11).

    Microsoft took advantage of all three principles. Microsoft did put enormous effort in identifying potential customers' needs. The research was concentrated on so called "hardcore gamers" who spend more than 25 hours playing a week. This group was seen as early adopters as well as opinion-leaders. Of high importance were an ...

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    key elements of Microsoft's marketing for the Xbox