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    Improving Parental Support for Special Needs Students

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    Please help answer theses questions.
    1) why is important for parents to accept their children disability.

    2) Describe tow or more action steps you would take related to this issues to promote more effective interactions and relationships with the family members in the future.

    * one of the biggest issues that I have of been working with high school students will emotional and behavior disturbance is the lack of parents support.

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    Why is it important for parents to accept their child's disability?
    There are a number of things that can happen, when parents are receptive to their child's disability:
    1) The parents can become knowledgeable of the child's disability, thereby, they will be able to ascertain adequate services for the child.
    2) Parents can advocate for their child in the school setting and in the ...

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    This assignment provides an overview of activities for special needs students and their families. Ways to increase parental involvement are discussed. Recommendations for increasing family support.