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Factors that have helped form Special Ed. Services

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Which historical movements, legal decisions, and legislative actions do you consider most important in forming the basis for special education services in the United States? As an educator, how do these factors impact a school district and a classroom?

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The most important historical movement that formed the basis for special education services was Brown v Board of Education. Many individuals are familiar with this case as being a civil rights issue, however upon further study into the case of Brown v Board of Education one can conclude that the fight was for all children that were discriminated against, not just children of color. Any child, regardless of race that is told they are not entitled to a public school education due to a disability, is being discriminated against and according to the constitution of the United States "all men are created equal." The fourteenth amendment also contains a clause that all individuals are entitled to equal protection and denying or separating individuals from each other is against the law. According to Lawnix.com (2011) once the Supreme Court made the decision that a public school education is a right that must be available to all children equally the road was paved for changes within the school system and the fight for special education services in public schools was just beginning.

The legal decision by the Supreme Court in Pennsylvania Association for ...

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