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    Independent t-test to compare CreativePre & CreativePost

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    In this activity, we will start with the data file used in Part A ('Activity 5a.sav'). Suppose, however, you [the researcher] encountered a small problem during data collection: after the post-tests were collected, you realized that the post-test form did not ask for the students' identification number. As such, it will be impossible to match pre-test scores to post-test scores. Rather than simply give up, you start thinking about the data you do have, and try to determine whether you can salvage your project. In assessing the situation, you realize that you have 40 pre-test scores and 40 post-test scores, but no way to link them. While it will result in a weaker comparison, you determine that you are still able to compare pre-test vs. post-test scores; you will use a between-subjects design rather than a within-subjects design.

    a. Using the 'Activity 5a.sav' file as a starting point, create a new dataset that you can use with the between subjects design. Hint: you will no longer need the variables CreativePre and CreativeTest. Instead, you have only one variable for the score on the creativity test. A second (or grouping) variable will serve to indicate which test the student took.
    b. Perform an independent t-test to compare pre-test vs. post-test scores.

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    Data file and independent t-test output file from SPSS to compare CreativePre and CreativePost test scores. Explanations for making the data file and for the independent t-test output are included.