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12 Steps of a Hero's Journey

I am sorry confused with this class I need help please. I really need please can someone help me please.
In this assignment, you will use the Hero's Journey as a model for writing your own fictional short story. The process of writing this story will take place in three stages

The first stage of the journey begins in the Ordinary World. You anticipate the entire journey without knowing where it will take you. Draft the series of events and plot to the fullest extent you are able to imagine it. Each of the 12 stages of the journey must be used, along with a sense of each character given (hero, mentor, and enemy). There is no word count range for this assignment. Post your draft, which can take the form of an outline, list, and/or narrative.

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The instructions say that your draft can take the form of a list or outline, so I found this graphic organizer that you can fill out: ...

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This presents a graphic organizer that traces the 12 steps of the hero's journey using The Illiad and The Odyssey as examples.