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Hero's Journey

Hi Everyone,

I need help on starting an essay. I need to write about Harry Potter heroes' journey and Hobbit heroes' journey based on Joseph Campbell mythological criticism. I need help and some ideas in order to start my essay even If you can help me to come with thesis and some key points.

Thank you.

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All movies (screenplays) follow Joseph Campbell's theory on a hero's journey. Although, I've never watched the Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or the Hobbit franchise, Campbell's framework never changes regardless of the movie.

1. A hero's journey begins as they are introduced to the audience in their normal everyday lives we identify with who the hero is, his distinguishing characteristics which sets him apart from the rest of the cast, his friends, his responsibilities, obligations, and sources of conflict (i.e., potential antagonist, or circumstance beyond the heroes' control), etc. Campbell refers to this as the heroes "ordinary world."

2. Next, a hero is compelled to answer the call to adventure. This call is often the catalyst that sets the story in motion. For example, in the first installment of the movie Taken, the call to adventure occurs when Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) hears his daughter, Kim (Maggie Grace) get kidnapped while conversing with her over the phone. The call to adventure is the paradigm shift that averts the hero's normal world into the world of the unknown. For your assignment focus on the point of reference in which Harry and Hobbit have a call to answer. Keep in mind the call often has an urgent tone, for instance, if the hero doesn't fulfill a certain obligation for the greater good, it could mean the end of humanity as we know it. The stakes become high at this point, but as the movie progresses; there are plot twists and new developments, which lead to higher stakes.

3. The next stage is the "refusal" stage or "reluctance to answer the call." In most movies, the hero may refuse the call because hero feels inadequate do take on a huge task or the hero simply doesn't want to do it. For example, in the movie Barnyard, when Otis the Cow's (Kevin James) father Ben the Cow (Sam Elliot) is killed while guarding the pasture, it is assumed that Otis takes his father's role or place of leadership. Of course Otis refuses the call initially and eventually changes his mind and works hard to honor ...

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This problem solution identifies elements of a hero's journey in feature films. I use various movies as an example to explain the concepts therein.