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    appling integrated graphics in e-learning

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    Locate an online learning activity that you think effectively applies integrated graphics in e-learning and an online learning activity that you think does not effectively apply integrated graphics in e-learning. Then, share the URLs to the websites and briefly explain (following word count) how each of the websites uses graphics and text within the activity. Based on your comparison, what recommendations would you give to improve the way graphics and text is used?

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    The activity that I found that effectively applies integrated graphics in e-learning comes from Read Write and Think called Hero's Journey. This is a wonderful site that provides fun and engaging interaction while learning important lessons from history. The use of colors is neutral throughout the learning activity which kept me engaged and focused. There were no distracting graphics or bright and annoying colors to take my focus away from the learning activity. The graphics and the related text were right next to each other side-by-side which greatly helped me to relate what was being taught to a wonderful and informative graphic that corresponded masterfully with it. The only recommendation ...

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