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    Creating Computer-Based Learning

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    Download "Course Map and Storyboard Map" and address the following questions: (3 - 5 paragraphs)
    (See attachment).

    1. How detailed does a storyboard need to be so it is considered "sufficient"?

    2. When designing a storyboard in PowerPoint, why is it NOT necessary to create an elaborate presentation with flashy transitions, hyperlinks, custom animations, and other features of PowerPoint?

    3. Briefly describe at what point in the design and development process you think content, graphics, and the assessments should be developed.

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    1. The web designing team that an educator is working with may not know anything about the content that will be taught in the course. The educator will not be working with the web designers one-on-one during the designing process. So all details of each section of the e-learning site must be explained with great detail. I would give so much detail that ...

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