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Goddess Myths

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In 350 words, please describe the elements and functions of goddess myths.

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1. In 350 words, please describe the elements and functions of goddess myths.

The elements of and functions of goddesses vary somewhat across cultures, but feminists and archaeologists have clearly shown that from the Paleolithic through the Bronze Age there is evidence of Goddess worship. Examples of early Mediterranean and European Great Goddesses, for example, include Greek myths such as Gaea and Demeter, as well as Roman myths: Ceres and Terra Mater (http://www.mhhe.com/mayfieldpub/mythology/instructors_resources/harrispt1ch04.pdf).

Goddess myths, like, god myths, function as ways to understand and explain the events that happen in the world. Myths give people a sense of control in situations where there is no control, and relieves anxiety from uncertainty. These goddess myths help to answer the question, why did this happen? Once an event is explained, it often brings a sense of peace to human ...

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Assists in describing the elements and functions of goddess myths. References are provided.

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