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Role of the Goddess

The elements and functions of goddess myths are explored such as earth, social order, and birth. Also, the basic functions of the goddess myth are discussed.

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The Great Goddess myth occurs in every culture across the world. Greek myths of
Gaea and Demeter; Roman myths of Ceres and Terra Mater; Egyptian myths of Isis; etc. delegate great powers to female beings. Most Goddess myths are associated with elements on the earth such as fire, water, soil, etc. They are seen as the source of life, the driving power behind maturity, and the force that causes death and rebirth. Ancient man didn't understand the mysteries of procreation and thus though women ultimately held the power of life and death.

The Great Goddess's triple nature is found in repeated patterns such as maiden, matron, and crone; or heaven, earth, and the Underworld; or birth, death and rebirth. When ancient man developed agriculture, the Great ...

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The role of the goddess is explored in myth as well as how it has changed over time.