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    Elizabeth Wayland Barber's text

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    Please identify, explain, and analyze at least one issue/theme, from Women's Work. Maybe something that stand out to you the most from this book.

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    As you dissect a theme from Elizabeth Wayland Barber's text, I really liked how she took cloth, women's work, and classical literature, mainly mythology, to align women with power through work. This feminist application permeates her work. As a lover of literature as well as art, I never really considered that famous iconic pieces or clothes could be symbols of women's power from those historical eras.

    For example, when Barber suggests that the goddess image of the fabulous Venus de Milo as a spinning goddess, it bring such a new dimension to art and feminism with this theory. ...

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    Elizabeth Wayland Barber's text is summarized in terms of gender theory.