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Similar divinities within different cultures

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Different cultures around the world and throughout history have had numerous gods and goddesses. In spite of the variety of divinities it appears that they tend to fulfill similar roles and needs within the respective societies. Why is this so?

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Why do so many cultures have divinities in similar roles?

Human beings face the same challenges in life and generally have the same fears, desires, hopes and dreams. All people need food, water, and shelter for survival. All people seek fulfillment and validation in family, relationships, work and acquired skills. All people wonder where they came from, the purpose of life and what will happen when they die. Finally, humans throughout most of history have acknowledged that they are not the source of the world around them. They have recognized that something bigger than them is the ...

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This post considers why different cultures have similar gods and goddesses. Over 350 words of original text along with links to resources for further research.

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