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The Female Divine

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Myths of the female divine focus on goddesses. Many of the goddessess are mothers, and many give birth to other gods. How do these myths of birth relate to the creation myths?

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The Worship of the Female Divine

In prehistoric societies, the role of the male and the female and their importance in the social structure is defined by the abilities of their 'sex'. The male and the attribution of his capacity and responsibilities within the tribe gave rise to the role of 'provider' and 'protector', of 'warrior', 'hunter' and for the elder male - 'leader'. The female on the other and 'nurtures', 'provides home' and 'immediate protection to the young', 'nourishment', 'support - physical and emotional' and the elder female becomes a fount of 'wisdom' via their experience. The ultimate role however of the female is defined by her capacity to 'give life' - to bear children. The roles of the 'father' and the 'mother' started with these considerations and with the social and individual needs of all members thrown in, the roles gave rise to 'stereotypes' as well as a 'perspective' by which to view the world - specifically, to make sense of it. For example, ancient Native ...

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The solution is a narrative and discussion of the notion of 'the Myths of the Female Divine'. What is the Female Divine? How is/was the female divine worshiped? Why? By whom? - these and a few others are the questions tackled in the solution. Female deities and their functions and importance to particular pantheons is also discussed. Examples of 'creation myths' involving the female divine is provided. The solution follows the APA-format. A word version is attached for easy printing.