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Male Divine Article & Analytical Summary

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Identify a scholarly article that discusses some aspect of the male divine in contemporary culture. Write a summary of the selected article.

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The solution identifies and presents an analytical summary of a scholarly Male Divine article. Full details on the article, as well as its online address, author and date of publication is provided. A word version is attached for easy printing.

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Dear Student,
The solution below provides you what you asked for. The female divine is well documented in terms of online articles but to find scholarly articles on the 'male' counterpart requires deeper research because in reaction to the 'male standard', female divine studies had been published and the male divine is largely unexplored due to it being seen as the 'patriarchal expression' of society. I hope this solution will be of assistance to you. Good luck!

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The Male Divine Article Review

- Article: Is God Male?
- Author: Bert Thompson, Ph.D.
- Link: http://www.apologeticspress.org/articles/2167
- Date of Publishing: Originally published in Reason and Revelation, March 2000, 20[3]:21-23.


The article is a theologist's take ...

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