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Male Divine Article Review

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Identify a scholarly article that discusses some aspect of the male divine in contemporary culture.

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Male Divine Article Review

Article: Is God Male?
Author: Bert Thompson, PhD
Publisher: Apologetics Press
Link: http://www.apologeticspress.net/articles/2167

The article tackles, from a Christian ethnologist's viewpoint, using the evidence offered by the bible or the scriptures as basis for determining the answer to the question presented. The article comes in a Q&A form where in the pertinent question of the gender of God being attributed to be male is asked and the questioned for veracity and the answer provided contains a comprehensive mix of discussion and scriptural evidence to point out what is true and not true according to what was and is written in the Old and New Testament. Bearing in mind that this is a Christian article, the Male Divine being discussed is subject to Abrahamaic and Christian ideas of the male divine - as God the father, protector, originator, provider, forgiving, all knowing, willing to punish but teaches ...

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The solution provides a sample scholarly article on the topic of the Male Divine in contemporary culture and subsequently provides a review of the ideas discussed in the article. Full bibliographic information of the article is provided including links to it's online publication.

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