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Female Divine Articles & Analysis

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Please help me with this. I don't really understand what is meant by the female divine in contemporary culture.

Task: Identify a scholarly article that discusses some aspect of the female divine in contemporary culture. (This might range anywhere from discussions on goddesses in advertising found in an article on marketing to discussions of feminine principles in contemporary theology.) A short word summary of your selected article is required.

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The Female Divine:

What is the Female Divine? Simply put, the female divine is the attribution of power and the deification of the female gender; whereas the usual practice in most cultures the world over is the central worship of the Male Divine (i.e. Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism - primary belief systems where patriarchy is the key theme), within these belief systems and in some very unique tribal practices, the female divine is honoured via tradition and practices. For example, the worship of the Virgin Mother in Christianity, Mary Mother of Jesus has all the elements of the worship of the Female Divine - she is attributed with the power of female qualities which includes that of being a nurturer, lover, mother, fertile source of life, compassionate, wise and creative. From the prehistoric times, the roles of men and women have been defined by what they can and cannot do and it is from these that stereotypes rose. For example, while women are soft and yielding, men are seen as strong, stubborn and courageous, qualities necessary in male roles that are essential in prehistoric societies - one of providers and protectors as fathers, sons, builders, shamans and hunters. Much has not changed to assigning of roles in terms of Divine Worship since prehistoric times. Sex and gender assigned qualities to deities in all religions and faith the world over. A common belief is that of the Earth Mother being that the earth 'gives birth' to life - flora & fauna over mountains, forests and plains.

Contemporary Article:

The Study of the Female Divine is ...

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In over 900 words, this solution provides an explanation of the female divine and points to the topic as an example of the Shakti practice of the Female Divine in contemporary culture. Reasons behind the selection of multiple articles on this topic are presented in the response and a related analysis of one of the articles is included, taking excerpts from previous work done by the author. Other online articles discussing the female divine from varying perspectives, including ones from that of practitioners are listed for comparison. Six references are provided in total.