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    Personality and profession

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    Imagine an action movie where the hero faces a bomb quickly counting down—there is one decision to be made: Do you cut the blue wire or the red one? The lives of the hero and countless civilians hang in the balance. The decision must be made swiftly—but the wrong choice would be disastrous.
    Now imagine an assembly line. Your mission is to take a widget and fit it onto an object—again and again and again as the objects roll past in a slow-motion parade.
    Some would find the adrenaline rush of the hero's task exhilarating; others would relish the rhythms of the assembly line's measured cadences. And still others could not imagine doing either one! Personality is a factor in job selection and job satisfaction. In this Discussion, you will consider the role your personality plays in performing a job function.

    Describe which functions or positions in your company that you would never take. Explain why. If you have ever found yourself in a situation in which you were asked to execute a job function against your will, describe the experience. Consider whether you would feel the same or differently now.

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    For the purpose of this assignment, I would select a Information Technology firm that provides IT outsourcing services to customers across the globe. As an IT professional, I would love to take on challenging assignments that allows me to enhance my creative potential. In other words, my personality would motivate me to take up those assignments that involves creative and innovative thinking, close interaction with clients and end users and new learning opportunities. Even though such assignments would mean lot of onsite travel and long working hours, as well as lack of stability in one location as I might have to travel from one location to another frequently, I would still prefer these kind of challenging assignments at this stage of my career where stability is not as important as other factors such as ...

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    The solution discusses the impact of personality on job selection. The role a persons personality plays in performing a job function is examined.