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Influences on personality characteristics

How can your occupational choice and your gender influence your personality characteristics?

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Generally one's personality makes him/her better suited for some career and not as suited for other career choices. For example a shy person may struggle as a salesperson but may be better suited to be a copywriter because those are two types of jobs that do not require them to deal with people constantly Whereas a more extroverted energetic person may become bored and frustrated if he/she had a job as a medical coder who works with computers. Individuals like that are more likely to thrive and feel fulfilled as a salesperson or someone who works in customer service. Some occupations call for individuals to adjust to various roles that exist within a given occupation. If an individual adjusts well and accepts the various roles within his/her chosen occupation he/she is more likely to become confident in that position. However a person who ...

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This solution provides an explanation of how one's occupational choice and gender influences his/her personality characteristics.