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    Lesson Plan for Fraction Equivalency

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    I know that working with models helps students conceptually understand mathematics they might otherwise simply memorize and apply.

    I need help to develop a lesson plan in which students are taught to manipulate and work with two models that show fraction equivalency: one area/region model and one length/set model.

    1. Have students discover, develop, and derive an equivalent fraction algorithm.

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    Lesson Title & Subject(s): equivalent fractions

    Topic or Unit of Study: equivalent fractions algorithm

    Grade/Level: 8th grade

    Instructional Setting: Consider a group size of twenty 8 th grade students, during an algebra class in their classroom
    (e.g., group size, learning context, location [classroom, field trip to zoo, etc.], seating arrangement, bulletin board displays)


    Your State Core Curriculum/Student Achievement Standard(s):

    For self development, we will consider a different way of computing equivalent fractions.

    Lesson Objective(s): At the end of the class all students should be able to master the concepts of equivalent fractions
    (e.g., what students will accomplish by the end of a single lesson; needs to align with core
    Curriculum/student achievement standard)


    Instructional Materials: All students should use their textbooks as well as their notebooks in order to better understand all the concepts and the definitions that will be explained in class
    Materials needed for the lesson (e.g., textbook, construction paper, scissors, PowerPoint, guided note templates)

    Supplementary information and/or places where you found information for the lesson


    Sequence of Instructional Procedures/Activities/Events (provide description and ...

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    A lesson plan for fraction equivalency is outlined and an algorithm is developed.