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Developing a Math Lesson

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Task: Can you help me to design a math lesson plan for an elementary grade level, following NYS standards/benchmarks?

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See the attached lesson plan for math. I wasn't too sure about benchmarks, so I included objectives. Simply because we can make those up to fit into the lesson plan attached.

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Objective: Week One 3.5 Mathematics Standards of Learning (SOL)
Long-Term Understandings:
Students will understand how fraction work and how fraction are made. Students will begin to understand how fractions are used and manipulated

Essential Question (Student's language)
What will we be doing in the class?

We will be learning how to make fractions
By separating parts, sections and pieces
Students will KNOW....
How to identify a fraction; know what a numerator and denominator are; and what operation makes a fraction problem
How to add and subtract parts to make a whole Students will be able to....
Identify numerator and denominator and perform a procedure to make a fraction or whole calculation. Manipulate a fraction to make an equivalent fraction
Trans-disciplinary (  Communication and  Interacting in the classroom )
Discussion with student's about the fractions they see daily in and out of school. Warm-up activity will get the students to interact in the classroom and set the learning environment.
Today's learning goal is.... Comprehension of fraction ...

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A math lesson is developed. The standards and benchmarks are given.

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You are required to develop a useful classroom lesson plan based on research and appropriate educational philosophy.

You are required to develop a useful classroom lesson plan based on research and appropriate educational philosophy. You may not use a lesson plan from an already published source.
Plan to use at least two different instructional strategies. Within the lesson plan, the following components must to be addressed:

1. Goals and objectives
Specific content area goals and objectives must be provided. These goals and objectives must follow the guidelines discussed in class. Provide evidence of their relation to national/state/district standards as appropriate. Also provide a description of the lesson plan's targeted population.

2. Instructional approach
At least one of the two instructional strategies used in your lesson plan should be direct instruction, indirect instruction, self-directed learning, or cooperative learning.

3. Content
The information in the lesson plan needs to be accurate and relevant to the students' needs. You also will need to develop and provide all the necessary materials for the lesson plan.

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