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Universal Design for Learning Model

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Compare and contrast a traditional science lesson to one that has a UDL model.

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Compare and contrast a traditional science lesson to one that has a UDL model.

Traditional lesson have create barriers for most students. The tradition lesson is structured and designed to capture some, but not all students. Not all students are alike when learning. There are some that learn visually, others learn by listening and then there are spatial learners too. In the traditional model student's fall between the cracks of education and lose out on the opportunity to learn; or left to fend for them-selves.

In addition, traditional models limit a student with disabilities access to information and learning. For instance, printed text books in particular; significantly more when the student is visually challenged, struggling readers, even the students that have limited cognitive abilities to structure or comprehend text also find it difficult to adapt to the lesson model.

On the other hand UDL model is a framework developed by CAST to guide development of lessons that are flexible and supportive for every student (Hall, Strangman, & Meyer, 2011). The model anticipates the need of each student ...

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The universal design for learning models are examined.

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