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Multiculturalism paper, thesis statement, ideas

Please assist

submit a paper of a research plan by answering the following questions:

What specific topic of multicultural education or culture are you interested in exploring?
Why is this topic of interest?
How do you intend to use your research in your profession?

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Your posting makes no mention of any formatting protocol that you are expected to use for this assignment, so I will assume that this is not a requirement. I will format my response in APA (6th edition), since this is the format with which i am most familiar. If this is not what you are expected to use, please eidt what I have suggested to match what you are required to use.

"Multicultural education or culture" encompasses a very broad range of possible topics. You have the option of choosing many, many different topics for this paper. I will suggest one topic that has been of interest to me in the classroom as I encounter students from various cultures in my classes, and that is the topic of cultural differences, particularly those differences which can unknowingly cause offense between unsuspecting persons of different cultures. This topic is interesting to me because I teach school, and encounter students and parents from other cultures. I would plan to use this research in a presentation at my school during the pre-planning time for teachers at the beginning of the school ...

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Suggestions for formatting a paper on multiculturalism, with thesis statement, references, and guidelines for ideas, in APA.