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Reflections of World War II Propaganda Poster

1. Reflections of this World War II propaganda poster: http://gtsrider.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Ww2_poster_oct0404.jpg
2. Rise of Third Reich and its effects on Europe
3. Encouragement and promise to end the Nazi regime

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The Treaty of Versailles signed by Germany in Paris in 1919 was humiliating to Germany. Germany was forced to accept the war guilt and pay huge reparations. German armed forces were cut down and lost considerable territory in Europe. The Wiemar Republic which was formed in 1919 faced challenges from inside and outside the country. They were puzzled by the effects of Great Depression of 1929 and failed to solve its disastrous effects. At this crucial juncture, Hitler exploited this opportunity and promised help to common people such as ...

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This solution is a typical Allied propaganda war poster produced during the World War II. The poster encourages its people and promise to silence Hitler and his panzars.