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    Origin and development of the Cold War

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    Review the origin and development of Cold War and how it ended and what were the events that occurred and its implications on the world especially Europe.

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    The Russian Federation (formerly known as the USSR) was an ally of the United States during World War II. Both governments worked together in their attempts to conquer the German War Machine during that War. Germany wanted to conquer not only eastern Europe but also Russia. So Germany fought the second world war on two fronts. The eastern front was western Europe (consisting, today, of those countries that we know as "europe" [England, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, etc. and Poland, Czechoslovakia, and other similar countires - mostly to the east of the aofrementioned western countries] and primarily Russian to its east. It had conquered, primarily, Poland and set about conquering the rest of western Europe (all of the countries indicated above plus Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland [which was, in essence, neutral], the Benelux countries [Belgium, Netherland, and Luxembourg, among others]). After World War II ended, things among these allies (US and USSR) changed dramatically.

    The USSR wanted to exert total control over Germany which it believed that it had conquered during the conduct of that war. So it wanted to control Germany in its entirety. The United States and its other allies (England, France, Canada, Australia, and other smaller countries) wanted to divide Germany up for all parties (read allies) concerned.
    Consequently, Germany was partitioned into two segments, Eastern Germany [under the control of the USSR] and West Germany [under the control of the US and its allies]). The major 'sticking point" became Berlin because both the US and the USSR wanted to exert control of this important city in eastern Germany. Thus, the partition of Berlin into 'East and West Berlin' happened at that time.

    Nevertheless, the "so called ...

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