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    Cold War and Decolonization

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    Find a scholarly source that addresses the Cold War and Decolonization. Then give an annotation which summarizes the source, explaining how it is useful to scholars researching that topic.

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    Innocent Abroad? Decolonisation and US Engagement with French West Africa, 1945-56. Academic Journal By: Thomas, Martin C. Journal of Imperial & Commonwealth History. Mar2008, Vol. 36 Issue 1, p47-73. 27p.

    When discussing the Cold war and Decolonization, it's imperative recognize that the Cold War was actually a series of very hot proxy wars across the globe wherein Russia and the United States were backing opposing sides attempting to put in place the ideology of capitalism or communism. ...

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    Almost 300 words explain the usefulness of a discovered source to learning about the Cold War and Decolonization.