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    Intranet or Portal Company Objective Described

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    1. Select a company Intranet or Portal and describe the objective, how it fulfills the vision of the company, and what's the on-going use of the site

    2. Select a web site from an education industry (university, school or training center) and analyze the ease of use of at least 3 functions and/or features?

    3. What are some of the tools and strategies to increase traffic to a web-site?

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    www.cme.com Intranet The objective is to increase the use of stored procedures and documentation for in house applications. The vision of the company is to decrease Business and System analysts invovlement in typical daily problems in which the user can easily rectify if given the correct procedures. It also formalizes the documentation to set in house standards. As each application is developed the project manager and all other developers can access the Intranet and are therefore on the same page. No information is in the hands of just one person. The developing application is divided into 5 sections. Business Analyst, Data diagrams and ER, Code, User ...

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    The expert examines intranet or portal company objectives described. The tools and strategies to increase traffic to the web-site are determined.