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    Management Questions: Intranet, Portals and Internet Ethics

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    Please help me with these question for an assignment

    1-What main benefits can one expect of an intranet installation?
    2-Discuss the strategic and technological fit required for an organization to implement a portal.
    3-Elaborate on some of the ethical issues surrounding the Internet. What single issue do you consider the most important? Why?

    Thank you!

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    1-What main benefits can one expect of an intranet installation?

    There are many benefits of an intranet to an organization.

    a) They are cheap and easy to implement, as normally there is no need to purchase additional hardware. Most modern computers are already set up for the intranet.

    b) It facilitates information sharing and collaboration within an organization. It is easy to access information and to send information across all levels of the organization.

    c) They are flexible, and can be as large and as small as ...

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    In this solution we answer several management questions regarding implementing an organizational intranet, what is necessary to implement a portal, and issues of internet ethics.