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    Seminal Artworks PowerPoint

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    Please help with some ideas so I can write the following:

    Your next step as an intern helping to design the guide to the history of visual communication is to gather at least six pieces of art or design for the chapter on art forms throughout the ages. The pieces you pick should be pieces of art or design that help define an era. Do not simply use contemporary examples; use at least two examples from each of these periods:

    - include two works from prehistory
    - two from the 1700s
    - two from 1930s - 1950s

    Include a brief description under each piece of work that follows these guidelines:

    - give the title (Starry Night), artist (Van Gogh), genre (Impressionism), and time period (1800s)
    - address the role that the piece played in the culture
    - describe what the artwork attempted to communicate and what devices or artistic decisions were used

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    What your professor wants to see are the pivotal or important works of art that YOU think define an era in Art. It does not matter really what two pieces of art you choose from each historical period that is specified. Pretty much any two pieces you can find described and images of on the Web will be important pieces of art, and will qualify as works for their time period.

    You have already been given the time periods that you have to work from, so you can start by actually using those time periods in your Internet search engine (any one that you like) search box. Take a look at the hits that you get, and pick two that you can locate an image and some commentary about. Don't pick one that does not include the relevant information your professor wants you to cite - there are too ...

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