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Art symbolism and good/evil effects upon society

I'm looking for an orginal response to these questions. I want something to compare my thoughts to. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

How does symbolism manifest an important message through art?

Can art influence society for the best or worst?

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Symbolism is something that stands for something else. An example is the skull and crossbones which indicates danger, since it was the flag of the murdering Barbary pirates. However, when that symbol was used on poisonous materials, children viewed the symbol as exciting - PIRATES!! COOL!!! This caused a problem when children drank the toxic materials, and now people use the Mr. Yuck symbol on things that kids should not drink, because children understand that symbol to mean "tastes bad."
Mr. Yuck has saved countless young lives through the symbolism that all ...

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Thoughts upon the symbolism of art, and its effect upon society for good or evil.