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Assistance request re: Art Influenced by Hinduism pre 1200 BCE

I aspire to be able to comprehend and understand the purpose of creating an expository or persuasive essay that explains a discovery regarding art influenced by Hinduism using cyber info.

I need to reflect some sort of synthesis as well as an analysis of a relevant subject to my course and is required to be in the form of an academic essay. It should also connect any art form with the broader culture of an area or time period.

My "discovery" essay offers an opportunity to relate to my "cyber journeys" re: the humanities. This can be experiences in music, painting, history, ideas, the fine arts, or social movements (my strength) which tie into the periods of time and cultures I am studying (pre 1200 BCE).

My goal is to ultimately understand the connection between the arts and broader social and historical issues prior to 12 BCE.

My focus has been on differences in Hinduism an Buddhist religion an culture....

This outline will surely assist me in the long term assignments that I am faced with.

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Hinduism is a religion that had no single founder, no single spokesman and no single prophet. Its origins are mixed and complex. One strand can be traced back to the sacred Sanskrit literature of the Aryans, the Vedas, which consist of hymns in praise of deities who were often personifications of the natural elements. Another strand drew on the beliefs prevalent among groups of indigenous peoples, especially the faith in the power of the mother goddess and in the efficacy of fertility symbols. Hinduism, in the form comparable to its present-day expression, emerged at about the start of the Christian era, with an emphasis on the ...

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The art influenced by Hinduism per 1200 BCE are determined.