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    Roman paintings

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    What do you know about Classical Antiquity Roman Art (800 BCE to 400 CE) Religious Paintings?

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    This text box does not preserve formatting - the attached document does include the hyperlinks. The site displays the dates and the comments in columns, and copying them as I have done has divided the dates and columns inconveniently. If you check the Web site, this information will display properly, with dates and commentary placed appropriately side-by-side.

    To begin your search, start with the web site: http://www.visual-arts-cork.com/history-of-art-timeline.htm.This site has a timeline of visual art. You will discover that your date range includes a great many cultures, all with visual arts of their own. Rome was founded 800 BCE, and paintings which survive from that period include paintings on wood panels, bone (ivory) and the like. Gods and goddesses were the religious subjects of some of those paintings, others were portraits of Etruscan people. Paintings of the Roman culture include Etruscan art from 700-500 BCE. Etruscan art was the precursor to Roman art. Most of the period until 27BCE was Greek. 27 BCE marked ...

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    Brief discussion of Roman and pre-Roman paintings from 800 BCE until 400CE, with Web URL reference