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    Art is the lifeblood of war, commerce, religion

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    Art flows like blood along the arteries of commerce (trade), conflict (war) and creed (religion). Discuss this statement.

    Identify at least two pieces of art that reflect the truth or falseness of this statement for EACH of the topics (trade, war, and religion - total of six.)

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    Freedom of Speech: 1943
    Retrieved from http://www.best-norman-rockwell-art.com/four-freedoms.html

    Art flows like blood along the arteries of commerce (trade), conflict (war) and creed (religion).

    This statement regarding art and its influence upon humankind, their actions and their history is quite true: art is the lifeblood of humanity. It expresses humanity's deepest desires, highest ideals, basest depravity and loftiest goals. Six artworks that exemplify the truth of this statement are included herein.
    Norman Rockwell's Four Freedoms series was inspired by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's World War II speech of the same name. The series inspired the nation's citizens to support the war effort. The four paintings are Freedom from Want, Freedom of Speech, Freedom ...

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    Discussion of how art is the lifeblood of commerce, conflict and religion, examples and references cited.