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Artworks for elementary science lessons

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Imagine that you are a 3rd-grade teacher. You are co-planning your next science unit, titled Life Science: Animals and Their Environment, with other 3rd-grade teachers. You have been given the job of finding artwork to incorporate into the unit.

â?¢ Locate at least three pieces of art to include in the unit. You may include artwork of any discipline, including visual art, music, dance, or drama.
â?¢ Write a description of the works of art you selected.

o Explain why each piece is appropriate for the unit.
o Use at least five elements or principles of art in your description.

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Please see the attached document. Please feel free to add to these descriptions, or completely change the selected artworks.
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Animal artworks suitable for illustrating class lessons:

Plate 21 Grey Fox (JJA). One of Audubon's best. Measuring 27-7/8 x 21-7/8 inches.
Web URL: http://www.minniesland.com/

o Explain why each piece is appropriate for the unit. This piece depicts a red fox in his natural habitat, posed in front of an underground burrow. This leads into a discussion of animal habitat and homes (dens, nests, water, etc.).
o Use at least five elements or principles of art in your description. This animal is displayed in rich earth tone colors, with the texture of fur, glossy nose and eyes, and rough dirt. The fox is shown in a curved shape, with the line of the back echoed in the line of the tail and head. This repeating pattern of shape draws ...

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Suggested artworks for use in elementary science biology classes, with Web-based references, and commentary on the artworks themselves, and why these pieces of art are appropriate for inclusion in these lessons.

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