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    artworks from Romanticism and Realism Periods

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    Compare the art works of two artists, one from the Romanticism era and the other Realism. Describe, then compare, the contexts, concerns and main aspects of each movement and how that appears in each of the works.Explain why you made your particular choices of movements, artists and artworks. Evaluating the artwork you've selected according to any criteria you think are relevant. Please be sure to use specific examples of art works in your discussion.

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    What do these styles reflect (context and concerns)? In other words, what are they responding to? (Realism, for example, was partly a response to social changes triggered by the Industrial Revolution and partly to the idealized rendering of subject matter from 1400s-1800s. There was a greater focus on realism, and unidealized interpretation of the subject—to capture the importance of day-to-day issues and survival. Romanticism, meanwhile, was a rebellion against Neoclassicism. Romantics wanted more emotion over intellect and more disorder and irrationality as ...

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    Artworks from Romanticism and Realism Periods are evaluated and cited.