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    Description of Romantic art with examples

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    Discuss the major attributes of Romantic art using examples from major artists of the period.

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    Romanticism arose at the end of the eighteenth century as a reaction against Neoclassicism, celebrating the "irrational" aspects the older style discouraged. Its key attributes include the celebration of emotion, the power of nature over humanity, and depictions of "exotic" locations and narratives.

    In Liberty Leading the People (1830), Eugène Delacroix represents a personification of Liberty leads men of a variety of ages and social classes through the streets of Paris as they fight the tyrannical Charles X in the second French Revolution. While the body language of Liberty and the men betray no emotion, the diagonal lines in the living bodies, the presence of dead men who died fighting ...

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    This 400-word solution for a Year 1 art history student addresses the attributes of Romantic art, using visual examples (provided in the attached PDF). All links are valid as of April 2018.