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    The Romantic Era vs Today.

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    Some people claim that the Romantic era never came to an end. In this discussion, therefore, consider how the Romantic era compares with the historical, cultural, and social conditions that exist today. Discuss one type of literature, art, or music that we favor today and compare and contrast it with an artist and work from the period we examined in this module. Provide examples from both time periods and include your thoughts on how it is like or unlike that of the Romantics. Do we still cheer for the "Romantic hero"? How are our heroes the same or different from those during the Romantic era?

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    As you discuss one type of literature that we favor today and compare and contrast it with an artist and work from the period Romantic period, I first choose the painting, Witches Sabbath by Francisco Goya. Its image is located at http://www.artchive.com/artchive/g/goya/great_he-goat.jpg.html

    I feel like it reflects Romantic traits since it displays Goya's role of the artist as a genius as well as his fascination with the exotic, a common element of the era.

    Research also shows that he was "the most important ...

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