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Romeo and Juliet: Desires and Social Structure

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How do the desires (romantic love, desire for life?) addressed in Romeo & Juliet fit into the social structure of that time?

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The story of Romeo and Juliet was set during the Renaissance, which was a period of rebirth and revival in society and in culture. During this time, many social, political, and intellectual transformations were happening within society. Because of such change, much of the literature during this time focused on human nature and the human condition. Writers focused on what was causing human suffering as well as on what was needed to establish social order. Knowing this, it was writers like Shakespeare who found influence in these concepts and used them to develop his characters and his plays to the masterpieces that they still are today. Romeo and Juliet fit all of the above. It is a play about how a feud (that continued on too long) disrupted the social structure of Verona and ruined good ...

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The solution discusses how desires such as romantic love and the desire for life are addressed in the social structure of the time of Romeo and Juliet.